A natural male hair friendly reminder...

This is my blog on natural hair and curly hair men. Blogging about hair is just a hobby for me, so if you need more advice and tips on mens hair and hairstyles, then visit this mens grooming and hairstyles site for men hairstyles, curly hair and natural hair from an actual hair expert. My advice is only limited to what so far I have experienced with my kinky curly hair during my natural growth journey, so I would prefer that you visited that site for more serious hair grooming and styling advice if that's what you're after. But other than that, please enjoy my natural male hair blog! :-)


I love my natural hair, do you?

I love my natural hair, do you?

I say and ask the above because I think our hair, and by 'our' I mean African kinky hair, has been submitted and ridiculed for centuries in the western world even though it was an attribute worthy of admiration back in our African homeland. It wasn't until the 1970s that women and men of colour started liberating themselves with their Afros and showcasing to the western world their newfound self-love and love to their African peers.

I love my hair without the narcissist traits. I am not talking of obsession or of putting my hair above anything else. What I'm talking about is appreciating that my hair is what it is because of my ancestry. I am proud to be a black male living in a western country and I respect all races and creeds. However, I cannot help but feel a special affiliation and brotherly love to those of us who belong to the African diaspora and who share a very distant family tree as well as unfortunate distant sufferings that only make us stronger in this day and age.

Brother, sister, love yourself and love your hair!