A natural male hair friendly reminder...

This is my blog on natural hair and curly hair men. Blogging about hair is just a hobby for me, so if you need more advice and tips on mens hair and hairstyles, then visit this mens grooming and hairstyles site for men hairstyles, curly hair and natural hair from an actual hair expert. My advice is only limited to what so far I have experienced with my kinky curly hair during my natural growth journey, so I would prefer that you visited that site for more serious hair grooming and styling advice if that's what you're after. But other than that, please enjoy my natural male hair blog! :-)


Natural Black Hair and the African Diaspora

My brothers and sisters of our African diaspora, our naturally curly kinky hair is one asset of ours we must cherish. Black men seem to have this notion that destroying their natural hair with frequent buzzes helps to portray a more male image, but I disagree. I think we black men and our black sisters have been led to hate our hair in today's society as it represents the very African spirit that stems from our dark skin. My belief is that by cutting our hair without considering other hairstyle options equally, we are submitting ourselves to self hatred without allowing ourselves to even consider priding ourselves in our African hair.

A black man with his natural hair braided

A black man can style his hair however he may want but he should never stop considering a natural way of styling his hair! I used to think my kinky hair deserved as much buzzing as I could afford to subject it but it has been with my natural hair realization that I now not only take pride in my hair but in myself as another brother of our diaspora.

Peace my family :-)